And Pens Too!

I got into turning pens a few years ago and what a long, strange trip it’s been. Okay, not strange, I just wanted to say that. I made the pens in the photo about 2 years ago. Most of them have found new homes, a few scattered around the world, and that’s pretty cool. I still have a few of them. 

More recently I’ve been casting my own hybrid pen blanks. A pen blank is the block of wood or other material I use to make the body of the pen. Pen blanks generally measure about 3/4 inch square by 5 inches long. It’s the only part of the pen I actually create, as the rest of the pen — the hardware, ink, etc. — is purchased as a kit. But I digress. I’ve been casting my own hybrid pen blanks using colorful resin and exotic wood burls. Here’s a picture of one.